Bull Shoals Lake Frontage:
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Local Information



Bull Shoals Lake

Bulls Shoals Lake


Marion County, Arkansas and Ozark County, Missouri. 

Christina's Cove is located in Marion County, Arkansas, but because of Bull Shoals Lake, it is only accessible by car from Ozark County, Missouri.  Because of this situation, mail and school-bus services come from Theodosia, Missouri.  All pertinent county offices (Sheriff, Recorder, Collector etc.) are located in Yellville Arkansas. 

Some towns in the area are:

Yellville (Marion County Seat) 2000 population: 1,312

Yellville is named after Archibald Yell who was the first member of the United States House of Representatives from Arkansas, second Governor of Arkansas, and who fell in combat at the Battle of Buena Vista in the Mexican-American War.

Yellville is popular for its proximity to the Buffalo National River. During the summer, tourists visit the area and Yellville becomes a hub for shopping and lodging for all those visiting this particular region of the Ozark Mountains and the Buffalo  River.

Theodosia  2000 population:  240

Theodosia, Missouri is located in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks.  The 2000 census recorded 240 living in Theodosia, and yet one can still find all the establishments necessary to live, such as banks, churches, auto repair, grocery, restaurants, hair and tanning salons, and even a spa.  The village of Theodosia consists of 1.5 square miles, but the outlying areas offer many activities including hiking, canoeing, lake recreation, fishing, geocashing, golfing, hunting, and shopping.  According to Wikipedia.com, the actress Tava Smiley was born in Theodosia, and the fictional main character Maggie Fitzgerald of the Academy Award winning film Million Dollar Baby, also called Theodosia her hometown. 

Towns and Villages in Marion County Ark.
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Map of Missouri highlighting Ozark County

Map of Arkansas highlighting Marion County

Map of the U.S. highlighting Missouri


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