5.0 to 13.32-acre parcels of pasture-land in Texas County Missouri on the South Jacks Fork River



  • 98 miles to Springfield

  • 31 miles to West Plains

  • 10 miles to Willow Springs

  • Surveyed and platted


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Jacks Fork Farmsteads is a group of thirty-three small tracts of farm-land.  This property was my family's farm since the 1920's, and my childhood home.  In fact, I was born here so it has considerable meaning to me.

After the passing of my father in 2005, I made some attempt to manage the farm on behalf of my sister and myself, but frankly, it is beyond my capabilities, and being a cattle rancher is just not what I was cut out to do.  So, we've decided that the highest and best use of the property would be to see it become several small farms; homesteads if you will.

So we've divided up the property with that usage in mind.  We've retained three areas in green space, a square adjacent to the highway for temporary parking of equipment, a place for children to meet the school-bus and perhaps a location to sell produce or hold occasional garage sales.  We've also kept as green-space a strip of land that we always called "the Slide"  an area too steep for farming, or most anything else except inspiration.  We always went there to sit and enjoy the view.  Third, we've withheld a strip of land along the river where there's usually a good swimming hole most years.  This is where I learned to swim.  It's usually about waist high on adults but a peaceful place to spend time with friends or family.

The rest of the property is divided into parcels of from five to over thirteen acres, with various features.  We hope to attract small farmers and homesteaders.   We've tried to keep restrictions to a minimum, while protecting the area as best we can.  Mobile homes will not be permitted, but you can build any sort of home you want so long as you install a well, provide a state-approved septic solution, which can include composting toilets or outhouses, and fence the property first.

One of the difficulties that we will face in this venture is keeping the pastureland in pasture, that is, maintaining it so that it doesn't grow up in weeds from lack of use either while we're selling it or when buyers let the property lay fallow, perhaps for years before moving here, which is a common practice among our buyers of woods-land.   So we've made a deal with a local cattle rancher to keep the property pastured and/or mowed until buyers can move here, fence their parcel and take over this maintenance themselves. 

Clearly, this is not ever going to be a suburban subdivision full of mcmansions.  There won't be any swimming pool or tennis courts and the roads will be the same farm roads that my family has used for lo these many years.  This spring and summer, we'll be hauling in crushed rock and installing culverts where we see fit, but we aren't making any promises.  Also, we aren't organizing any homeowners association because we find that the sort of folks we hope to attract are turned-off by these.  So, if the roads look too rough for you now, don't buy one of these properties because there's no reason to assume that they'll be better in the future, and even though we expect that from time to time, neighbors will collaborate to make road repairs or improvements, don't count on it, rather look at these roads with the understanding that you will be maintaining them yourself.  Should this ever become too much of a burden to the residents of JFF, we have reserved 50-foot easements of way for them, which is what the county will require should the residents ever choose to seek county maintenance.

While, as with every other parcel of land we sell, you'll need to come up with your own well and septic system, electricity is available all over JFF and land-line telephone will not be a major problem.

 - Neil Shelton

Questions? Neil@OzarkLand.com


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