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Local Information


Jack's Fork River

Texas County Courthouse, Houston

Big Piney River


Texas County 

Slightly larger than the State of Rhode Island, Texas County is Missouri's largest county at 1179 square miles.

Elevations in the county range between about 860 and 1350 feet above sea level.

The population density is 21 people per square mile.

The Ozark Divide runs through Texas County from southwest to north east.  All rainfall north and west of the Divide flows to the Missouri River and all rainfall from south and east goes directly into the Mississippi River.

The larger towns in Texas County are:

Houston  (County Seat) 2000 population: 1,992

  • Besides the County Offices, Houston has a large WalMart, two banks, two farm stores, a grocery and several other small businesses.

Cabool    2000 population:  2,168

  • Cabool has banks, grocery and convenience stores and a Super 8 Motel that is convenient to travelers to the county.

Licking    2000 population: 1,471

  • Licking has several small businesses and two banks

Towns and Villages in Texas County
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National Protected Areas



Map of the U.S. highlighting Missouri


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