Jacks Fork Farmsteads Parcel Y


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Photo Gallery


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This photo wasn't taken on Parcel Y, but shows where you have to cross this small creek to get to the parcel.

Remember that like all streams, this one floods so that there may be times when you shouldn't cross.

This shot was taken from the greenspace we call 'The Slide" looking down on Parcel Y.

Same location but looking more directly down to the creek where you can see we've been taking some gravel out to put on the roads. We only mention this lest you think we were trying to hide it.

This was taken from the other side of the parcel looking back toward the greenspace where we took the previous photos.

We took this view standing on the rise northwest of the road looking back on the parcel. The woods you see in the mid-ground is all on the parcel lining the creek.

Compare this view to the last one of the page. The south boundary is just the other side of that large walnut tree.

We've made an agreement with some local ranchers to pasture and mow the parcels so they don't grow up in brush until you're able to move to them. That's why we have the stipulation that you have to build a fence before you move on.

The timber in on the parcel, the "slide" area is across the creek on greenspace.

Near the creek.

The soil is fairly rocky, but not so much so that we haven't been able to bale hay here.

The woods runs along the creek. This will be a shady grove in the summertime.

We'll put some crushed rock on the road this summer, but if you drive a two-wheel-drive, this place probably wouldn't be a good match for you.

Looking southeast across the parcel. Parcel Y is virtually flat.

You can see why we call this part of the greenspace "The Slide".

Not a very good view of the creek.

We wanted to show you where we've been taking out gravel to put on the roads. We don't take much and it will be replaced every time the creek floods, which may be two or three times a year. Also, we don't plan to be doing this that much longer, we just wanted to mention it lest you thought we were trying to hide it from you.

This is what the gravel bar looks like normally.

Looking back on the parcel from the creek.

Next to the creek.

This was taken on adjoining Parcel X in late autumn

And finally, we wanted to show you what the parcel looks like in the warmer months. This is early spring. The large tree isn't dead, it's a black walnut and they are always the last to get their leaves.




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