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I need to stay in Poughkeepsie until my cat graduates from Obedience School. Is it Okay if I Buy Land Sight-unseen?

Frankly, this all sounds a little too good to be true.  What's the Catch?

I saw a property for sale here six weeks ago, and now it's for sale again today.  What's up with that?

Just how big is 5 ACRES anyway? 

How to Save a Bundle on Your Land Purchase

2.09 acres - $14,900 or $151.13 per mo. SR-6: Off grid, big woods, small price

2.5 acres - $16,900 or $171.41 per mo. LT-CC: Remote forest in Texas County, Mo.

2.5 acres - $16,900 or $171.41 per mo. SO-L: Typical Ozark woods 4 miles from town

2.4 acres - $19,000 or $192.71 per mo. CM-O: Rugged terrain with easy access near Ellington, Mo.

2.4 acres - $20,900 or $211.98 per mo. CM-X: A mile from the marina, just off pavement Ellington, Mo.

2.6 acres - $21,500 or $218.07 per mo. CM-J: Mostly level, near lake. Reynolds Co.

2.7 acres - $21,700 or $220.10 per mo. CM-A: Budget property near the lake in Reynolds Co.

2.5 acres -  $21,900 or $222.12 per mo. LB-H: Small Creek in Texas County: Good Access

5.0 acres -  $21,900 or $222.12 per mo. UM-J: Steep but cheap

2.4 acres - $22,900 or $232.21 per mo. CM-P: 1/2 mile from Clearwater Lake

2.7 acres - $22,900 or $232.21 per mo. CM-W: Just off pavement and near the lake

3.7 acres - $22,900 or $232.21 per mo. SM-T: Tall forest in the trail-riding capital of the world

5.3 acres - $23,900 or $242.41 per mo. SM-C: Mountain-top near Eminence, Mo.

5.02 acres - $25,900 or $262.70 per mo. ZM-7: Level land near town;lakes

3.5 acres - $25,900 or $262.70 per mo. CK-3: Creek and the end of the road

4.4 acres - $26,900 or $272.84 per mo. LT-I: Unfinished cabin deep in the woods

5.2 acres - $31,200 or $316.45 per mo. JF-F: Creek frontage and hay field in Texas County, Mo.

5.48 acres - $32,880 or $333.49 per mo. JF-T: High pasture, long view Texas County, Mo.

5.5 acres - $33,000 or $334.74 per mo. JF-E: Creek frontage and level meadow in Texas County, Mo.

5.0 acres - $34,900 or $353.98 per mo. JF-DD: A creek and a view inTexas County, Mo.

3.72 acres - $36,900 or $374.26 per mo. MS-31: Quiet backwoods near Table Rock Lake

4.21 acres - $37,900 or $384.81 per mo. JP-G: Near wildlife mgt. area and Bull Shoals Lake

3.4 acres - $39,000 or $395.56 per mo. CM-D: Fronts on Clearwater Lake take-line

7.69 acres - $46,140 or $467.98 per mo. JF-K: Southern exposure and pasture in Texas County, Mo.

8.38 acres - $50,280 or $509.97 per mo. JF-M: Walnuts, meadow and a long view 10 mi. from town

9.10 acres - $54,600 or $544.19 per mo. JF-CC: Rolling mixture of woods and open ground

10.0 acres - $60,000 or $608.56 per mo. JF-B: Lush bottomland with much creek frontage

11.1 acres - $62,500 or $634.38 per mo. MS-56: Between Springfield and Branson

9.23 acres - $74,900 or $759.69 per mo. CC-K: Well, building site above Bull Shoals Lake

12.52 acres - $75,120 or $761.92 per mo. JF-Q: Hay Meadow, Woods, and a Small Stream

10.55 acres - $75,900 or $769.83 per mo. YC-1 or 2: Fronts on Bull Shoals take-line in Marion County, Ark.

13.2 acres - $79,920 or $810.69 per mo. JF-AA: End-of-the-road, creek frontage, long view

21.1 acres - $144,900 or $1,469.67 per mo. YC-A: Fronts on Bull Shoals take-line in Marion County, Ark.






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